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Zac Bloom, Vice President, Head of Sustainability and Renewables

Zac Bloom, Vice President, Head of Sustainability and Renewables


Zac Bloom joined CES in 2012 and is the Vice President, Head of Renewables & Sustainability. He primarily consults with universities and large commercial customers on energy procurement strategies as well as utility tracking and budgeting. In addition to commodity procurement services, Zac assists clients with sustainability consulting such as greenhouse gas accounting, climate action planning, renewable energy procurement, and energy master planning. Prior to joining CES, Zac worked for almost a decade as a fully licensed professional in the investment banking and financial services industries. He received his master’s degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His research was focused on energy benchmarking and data visualizations for large data sets associated with building resource consumption profiles. Zac also co-manages some of the firm’s largest educational client accounts and oversees all the CES efforts in renewable energy and sustainability.


Anthony Viola, Associate Manager of Data Services


Anthony Viola originally joined CES’ sister company GridSolar as a GIS Specialist in 2019 before joining CES in 2020 as a Senior GIS & Data Analyst and later promoted to Associate Manager of Data Services. Anthony primarily focuses on project design and team management, energy forecasting and analysis, electrical grid design and reliability modeling, solar feasibility modeling, process automation, and data management. Additionally, he is the Founder and CEO of Arcudigm, LLC - a multifaceted geospatial mapping and analysis firm. The company specializes in the digital preservation of cultural heritage sites, environmental monitoring, software development, and data management. He holds a B.A. in Geography-Anthropology, Minor in Archaeology, and Certificate in Applied Geographic Information Systems from the Muskie School of Public Service at University of Southern Maine, A.A. in Liberal Studies from the Northern Maine Community College, as well as a Federal Aviation Administration Remote Pilot license.


Tyler Watson, Associate Manager of Data Services


Tyler Watson first joined CES in 2015 as a Pricing & Procurement Associate and then worked alongside the Data Services team as a Data Analyst. In 2022, Tyler transitioned into the role of Product Developer and was promoted to Associate Manager of Data Services. Tyler's responsibilities at CES include supporting the Data Services team in administration and development of current and future products, maintaining data flows related to reporting, and supporting CES departments in the implementation of automation and visualization technology. He resides in Denver, Colorado and holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the University of Colorado Denver - where he is presently pursuing a Master of Science in Information Systems degree (MSIS).


Harsh Oswal, Data Engineer


Harsh Oswal joined CES in 2023 as a Data Engineer after completing his Master of Science in Information Systems from Northeastern University in Boston. At CES, Harsh works closely with the Data Services team to design, test, and implement new products as well as create data pipeline automation processes to improve current workload/data pipeline systems. His expertise spans Data Transformation, Automation, and Software Development. Harsh has hands-on experience in developing and deploying data-driven applications and dashboards in enterprise settings, as well as leading teams and automating workflows. He is also well-versed in web technologies and software such as Alteryx, Talend, PowerBI, and Tableau. Harsh has also been involved in several academic projects, including data warehousing and machine learning projects, and has published research on symmetrical encryption in the Springer journal Advances in Data Science and Management. With a comprehensive understanding of databases, data science, business analysis, and machine learning, Harsh is poised to make valuable contributions to CES and drive their data initiatives forward.


Henry Toulmin, Data Analyst II


Henry Toulmin joined Competitive Energy Services as a Data Analyst in 2021. Henry’s primary responsibilities at CES include Variance Tracker and net metering product development, net metering reporting and auditing in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and GHG emissions tracking. He holds strong interest in technology, sustainability, energy efficiency, and the renewable energy transition. Prior to CES, he was a Policy Intern with the Tri-State Transportation Campaign in New York, where he worked to improve the safety, accessibility, and sustainability of the transportation sector of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Henry graduated from Colby College in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science, concentrating in energy and climate. Currently based out of Brooklyn, NY, his interests outside of work include outdoor recreation, sports, music, film, and craft beer. 


Kevin Grieb, Data Analyst


Kevin Grieb joined Competitive Energy Services as a Data Analyst in 2022. After an exciting career focused on entomology, Kevin realized his interests were more in line with exploring and working with data and he took steps to start a new chapter in his professional career. With his background in ecology, Kevin was drawn to CES because of his interest in green energy. The aspect of data analysis Kevin finds most enjoyable is performing statistical tests and seeing whether variables are significantly different or not, brainstorming reasons why differences occurred, and developing new tests to run to assess theories. At CES, his areas of focus are net metering and variance tracking, giving him opportunity to apply his statistics knowledge and expertise. Prior to joining CES, Kevin was a Biological Control Technician at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is a long-distance runner, owns a vast music collection, enjoys scuba diving, and is versed in SQL, Tableau, Python, and Excel.


Minh Le, Data Analyst


Minh Le joined CES in 2023 as a Data Analyst. With her interest in renewable energy projects and developing zero carbon footprints and clean energy solutions, she was drawn to CES. She will be responsible for Variance Tracker and Utility Bill Credit work as she applies her knowledge of the energy industry and statistics expertise. As a graduate of St. Lawrence University, Minh concentrated on Econometrics and Statistics, and she constantly challenges herself to research and understand different aspects of data analytics. She utilized a variety of software programs such as Excel, Rstudio, and Bloomberg to analyze financial data and study modeling techniques that are relevant to financial modeling. Prior to joining CES, Minh was an Order Management Specialist at Quickbase and she had working knowledge of the several ERP systems including Salesforce and Netsuite. She is eager to learn from her teammates and continuously improve her data analytic skills. When she is not at work, she can be found walking around Boston in search of the best coffee shop.


Kabir Shaikh, Full Stack Developer


Kabir Shaikh joined Competitive Energy Services 2024. He’s a versatile CES team member, balancing his passion for technology with a commitment to fitness and continuous learning. Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Information Systems at Northeastern University, Kabir is set to graduate in August 2024, equipped with a diverse skill set and a drive for personal growth. With a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University, Kabir has a solid foundation in areas like cloud computing and web design. His professional journey is marked by notable achievements, from optimizing AWS deployments to streamlining translation processes with PySpark’s data processing framework. Beyond his professional pursuits, Kabir is an active LeetCode solver, constantly sharpening his problem-solving skills and staying abreast of the latest trends in the tech industry. His dedication to fitness is evident in the hist state-level powerlifting achievements and meticulous diet tracking, reflecting a holistic approach to health and well-being. In addition to his technical prowess and athletic achievements, Kabir is a skilled photographer with a decade-long passion for capturing the moment. 


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