CES Energy Intel

As part of the CES University offerings, CES Energy Intel consists of a series of informational and educational videos created by our energy experts to provide additional training and support to our clients. These videos address the most common questions we receive from our clients, in addition to the services we offer, and energy industry news and insights.


What You Should Know About Answering Peak Day with Demand Response

In the latest addition to our CES University Energy Intel video series, “CES Self-Help: Answering Peak Day with Demand Response,” Senior Energy Services Advisor, Zack Hallock discusses ISO New England and its markets, the basics of CES-Self Help and Demand Response, and how these programs can benefit you and your business. Visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel to view this video, as well as other valuable CES University installments. 


What You Should Know About Carbon Mitigation: "Scaling Onsite Renewable Energy"

In this presentation from CampusEnergy 2022, CES' Zac Bloom, Vice President and Head of Sustainability & Renewables, and Eben Perkins, Vice President, Consulting Services, of Competitive Energy Services, along with co-presenter Steve Lemay, Facilities Director, University of Massachusetts Amherst, discuss how UMass Amherst has embraced sustainability, including an expanding campus microgrid. 


What You Should Know About Carbon Mitigation: "Pathway to Carbon Mitigation"

In this presentation from CampusEnergy 2022, CES' Vice President and Head of Sustainability & Renewables, Zac Bloom, and co-presenters Ted Mendoza, Capital Projects Manager, and Ezra Small, Sustainability Manager of UMass, Amherst, discuss how UMass Amherst developed an Energy Master Plan that evaluates strategies to decarbonize campus operations.


What You Should Know About Fuel Security

In the latest installment of CES University’s CES Energy Intel series, Managing Director of Consulting Services, Eben Perkins, tackles an update on fuel security for the 2021/2022 winter season in the New England region. Through this segment, CES aims to provide informed insight on changes in the gas market over the last six months which directly affect future fuel security for our clients. Should you have any questions about fuel security, or your own winter energy plans, please reach out to Eben or contact your Energy Services Advisor today.


What You Should Know About RECs

“What is a REC?” is the latest educational installment of CES University in which Director of Analytics, Simon Pritchard, covers the key points of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). From the process of generating RECs in compliance with Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) to what you need to know about procuring renewable energy – including the cost and risk involved – this instructive piece provides you with the foundation needed to kick-start conversations about renewable energy goals. For more information on RECs and Renewable Portfolio Standards, reach out to Simon and/or your Energy Services Advisor.


What You Should Know About Demand Response

Interested in preparing your business for Peak Season and helping your bottom line? In this timely installment of CES University, CES Energy Services Advisor, Zack Hallock, discusses Demand Response and what that means for you and your business as we enter and the upcoming summer months and the new Power Year. The primary focuses of this video includes the ISO-NE Capacity Market, the basics of the Demand Response system, revenue and utility programs, the CES Self-Help program, and the overall value stack of these services. Join Zack as he explains it all – and reach out to him with your energy questions.


What You Should Know About Peak Day 2021 & CES Self-Help

As summer is approaching and we are entering the peak demand season for electricity here in New England, CES recognizes that it is time to start thinking about electricity use, especially regarding managing Peak Day electricity load. In this presentation, Energy Services Advisor, Elliot Boyd, walks viewers through the basics of Peak Day, while creating understanding of capacity charges in the Independent System Operator – New England (ISO-NE) capacity system. This presentation covers the fundamentals of Peak Day itself, the key determining factors in Peak Day 2021 (including COVID-19 and NE Solar Resources), and a quick look at CES’ Self-Help Program.


What You Should Know About FCA15

In "What's Your Capacity?," Eben Perkins, Managing Director of Consulting Services and Larry Pignataro, Associate Manager & Senior Energy Services Advisor discuss ISO New England's Forward Capacity Auction 15 (FCA15) for power system resources, which concluded in February. This CES University 10-minute video resource highlights final auction results and what they mean for reliable grid operations now and in the future. Through thought-provoking questions and analysis, Eben and Larry also share the impact on rate payers across the spectrum of energy users. Join us and learn more about what this means for you.


What You Should Know About Winter 2020

Get a sneak peek into Winter 2020 weather predictions for the Northeast with CES Senior Energy Services Advisor, Larry Pignataro, and WGME-13 News Chief Meteorologist, Charlie Lopresti. In this video, Larry and Charlie provide an in-depth look at what to expect from the Winter season and how to be best prepared for the colder weather!


What You Should Know About Renewable Energy Options

In this CES University installment, Managing Director of Renewables, Matt Gamache, covers a simple, yet comprehensive, overview of renewable options for organizations looking at developing a renewable electricity strategy.  In this video, all these options are compared to purchasing ice cream, because it’s summer and why not? In addition, we highlight the economic and environmental trade-offs that accompany each option and also review current trends in renewable purchasing in the U.S., to compare how organizations are currently purchasing renewables. Finally we close with some useful metrics to assess and evaluate your options. Here at CES, we're just doing our best to keep everyone cool during these hot summer days!


What You Should Know About Peak Day 2020 & CES Self-Help

Summer is officially here, and as we crank up the AC, the demand on the electricity grid increases. For some, the day of the year when demand for power is at it's peak is directly tied to a big portion of what they pay for electricity. But how do you know which day is “Peak Day,” and is there anything you can do about it? Join CES Energy Services Advisor, Elliot Boyd, as he walks you through Peak Day basics, factors that could affect the 2020 peak, and what you could do to avoid higher costs. (SPOILER ALERT: The CES Self-Help program could be the answer).


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