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As costs for renewable technologies continue to become more affordable and more states are offering grants and incentives for new investments, sustainability is front and center for many CES clients. Since our inception, CES has been involved in sustainability analysis for every industry, including colleges and universities, private businesses, public institutions, non-profits, and municipalities, and has participated in some of the largest renewable energy initiatives in the US & Canada.


Investing In Renewables- RFP & PPA

The design and issuance of renewable energy RFPs and subsequent negotiation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) is truly a core competency at CES. Our expertise with forward energy markets, learned over the course of thousands of energy procurements on behalf of large energy consumers, makes us ideally suited to provide technical assistance with the bidding and evaluation process - from developing a load profile to accounting for avoided costs and carbon.

Because CES represents such a large number of credit-worthy potential renewable project off-takers in the Northeast, we are frequently approached by renewable energy developers seeking PPA contracts. We know the developers active in the renewable energy space and have worked with most on behalf of our clients, which makes us very well positioned to cultivate interest in any renewable procurement effort.

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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Tracking

As more businesses and institutions commit to cutting carbon, the ability to accurately quantify and track greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions becomes critical. CES offers GHG inventory management using our Carbon Tracker reporting tool. Carbon Tracker compiles GHG source data to calculate emissions and create a “carbon footprint” associated with a company’s direct and indirect economic activities. This data sets the baseline that allows Carbon Tracker users to assess potential benefits and associated costs of strategies and policies designed to reduce GHG emissions.


Renewable Energy Credits

In the quest to counter carbon emissions, many CES clients find that purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) is the most efficient way to meet their sustainability goals. CES helps clients understand the many different factors that influence REC pricing and how to realize greatest benefit for their investment. We procure credits from all sources including: wind, hydro, landfill gas, solar, biomass and blends, and have sourced RECs from all over the US.

CES also helps clients that own onsite renewable or efficient generation maximize the value of their systems by selling the credits that they produce into the market. This level of experience on both sides of the operation gives CES a unique perspective beyond that of a traditional REC broker. 

Additional Sustainability Services

  • Project evaluation for: solar thermal & solar PV, wind, hydroelectric, biomass
  • Renewable portfolio management
  • Battery storage
  • EV charging
  • American College & University President’s Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) reporting
  • Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) certification
  • Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Science Based Target (SBTi)
  • RE100 commitments
  • Carbon offsets
  • Climate action planning
  • Alternative fuel analysis and procurement
  • Impact and risk analyses for efficiency projects
  • Fuel conversion
  • EPA Green Power Partners Program compliance
  • LEED-certification assistance


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