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Energy markets in the US are increasingly complex markets with regard to state-specific renewable portfolio standards, capacity markets, grid modernization charges, and utility demand changes. Even with strong in-house energy management, there may be times where you encounter an issue that requires some extra heavy lifting.

Grants & Incentives

CES has been advising clients on energy markets for more than two decades, and this length of experience gives us an edge when it comes to exploring legislative and grant opportunities for our clients that is unmatched. We don't just report on legislation once it's been passed, we bring opportunities to our clients as they're developing on the House floor. And because we are tracking incentives across multiple states for clients in diverse industries, we're more able to spot trends, identify synergies between programs, and frequently bring our clients together to participate in groups for maximum benefit.


Demand Management

Electricity costs are increasingly dependent on demand (kW) instead of usage (kWh). It is possible to reduce demand-based charges through formal Demand Response programs that pay participants to shed load during curtailment events. CES helps our clients evaluate these complex and constantly changing programs and navigate the enrollment process. CES also offers CES Self-Help, a free and voluntary “informal” demand reduction program, to our clients in the ISO-NE territory.

Eco Refuel

Energy Use Intensity Analysis

Energy Use Intensity Analysis (EUI) is a process that utilizes historical energy usage to track overall performance at the building or account level. EUI analysis provides a comprehensive picture of each building’s total energy requirements, as well as comparative rankings for each building within a system. This kind of analysis is especially useful for clients in evaluating the efficiency of similar building types, measuring performance against peers, and identifying the highest priority targets for future conservation measures across large campuses with diverse facilities.

Additional Research & Analysis Project Options

  • Alternative fuel analysis
  • CNG/LNG systems
  • Co-generation & tri-Generation analysis
  • Tariff evaluation & negotiation
  • Sustainability measures


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