Competitive Energy Services, LLC (CES) is an established energy services firm that advises the commercial, industrial, institutional, and non-profit sectors in procuring electricity, natural gas, propane, residual oil, heating oil, biofuels, and green power supply. In addition to providing procurement options, CES offers a broad variety of strategic energy management services such as budgeting and forecasting, data management and collection, risk assessment and management, and carbon footprint reduction.


  • CES is seeking a Full Stack Developer to administer data integration and access for several products which track our clients' energy usage and cost. Initial responsibilities include the following:
  • Assist with the guidance, design, and implementation of scalable database schemas as well as web/cloud based UI, APIs, and portals
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and process improvements for data initiatives
  • Maintain the quality of data sets used in reporting (e.g., developing methods to perform data integrity checks)
  • The Full Stack Developer will also be expected to assist in further development of the Variance Tracker and Solar Audit products. Additional responsibilities include creating account level data access for internal stakeholders.


Requirements: 1+ years or equivalent

  • Experience with SQL and MySQL (required)
  • Knowledge and understanding of Docker (required)
  • Experience in Laravel/Yii app development or equivalent MVC platform and PHP (required)
  • Python or equivalent programming language (required)
  • Knowledge and understanding of code repositories (e.g., Bitbucket, GitHub, etc.) (preferred)
  • Experience with data integration/ETL tools, automation, and scheduling tools (preferred)
  • Familiarity with frontend visualization solutions such as Tableau or Power BI (preferred)
  • Networking and system administration (preferred - expected to learn on job)


  • Candidates are expected to provide examples of their skills and experience (e.g., GitHub repository) and be knowledgeable in debugging as well as comfortable with the command line interface.
  • Candidates are expected to work hybrid for their first 6 months before going to a remote status. The intent is to ensure that there is cultural/team development as well as hands-on project planning and development.

Please send cover letter and resume in PDF format to Lynn Gallagher at hr@competitive-energy.com



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