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January Newsletter Summary

Kicking off the new year, our January edition of the CES Insider is packed with information that will help you plan for 2022. President, Andy Price, reflects on the past 20 years and talks about the foundation of everything we do here at CES in our Insights blog, "Three Pillars of CES." Additionally, Managing Director of Pricing, Max Webb, and Senior Pricing Associate, Lydia Jopp provide an in-depth look at our pricing department and what goes on behind the scenes in our procurement process. Be sure to also read up on Senior Energy Analyst, Aaron Rubin's overview of the MA DOER's APS Straw Proposal, and what that could mean for our Massachusetts clients, as well as Senior Energy Services Advisor, Zack Hallock's update on our La Niña winter. Rounding out this robust edition, we announce our upcoming speaking engagements at CampusEnergy 2022 in February, celebrate a number of exciting staff updates, join Zack Hallock for another Road Trip, and dive into a few staff reading picks from our President! As always, be sure you also read up on our Market Summary, which has all the up-to-date information you need on the energy markets at the turn of the year.

December Newsletter Summary

In the final installment of the CES Insider for the year of 2022, Director of Marketing, Nina Callanan, reflects on the new and exciting communication efforts CES has produced in order to better support and inform our clients throughout the year. These efforts include the Insider newsletter itself, in addition to the expansion of our CES University with CES Energy Intel and Insights blog. In addition to these communications, join us as we revisit the various trade shows and Road Trips in which our team took part. Rounding out this month's newsletter, Managing Director of Analytics, Matt Gamache, provides an update on utility default rates, and how CES can help you with your mitigation strategies.

November Newsletter Summary

In the November edition of the CES Insider, we're talking pricing and planning! Meet our Managing Director of Pricing Analytics, Max Webb, and learn about the proper way to read your energy bills, as well as what energy podcast he highly recommends. Energy Services Advisor, Zack Hallock, joins Max for this month's Insights blog, where the duo deep dive into what to expect for weather this winter, and what that could mean for you and your business. While on the subject of winter, be sure to visit our YouTube channel to join Managing Director of Consulting Services, Eben Perkins, as he discusses the importance of fuel security in the upcoming colder months. Rounding out this month, check out the latest entry of the CES Road Trip and catch up on our most recent Market Summary to find out what's been happening in the energy industry!

October Newsletter Summary

October’s installment of the CES Insider is jam-packed with exciting energy news content just for you. Join CES energy experts, Keith Sampson and Chris Brook, in our very first interview blog addressing the recent rise in natural gas pricing, and then meet the whole Energy Services Advisor (ESA) team in our featured staff section. Read about Greenhouse Gas Reporting and the CES Variance Tracker to determine if these services might be for you and your business! Additional features include a Road Trip to the City of Manchester’s newest solar array, a summer recap of 2021’s peak hour, what our very own Larry Pignataro has been reading, and as always, the latest CES Market Summary!

September Newsletter Summary

In September’s edition of the CES Insider, join Vice President and Head of Sustainability & Renewables, Zac Bloom, and Director of Analytics, Simon Pritchard as they deep dive into the key points of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Head on over to our YouTube to watch the newest installment of CES University: “What is a REC?” and then read the latest entry in our blog series: “Emissions Accounting: Purchasing & Retiring Supplemental RECs” for even more information. Additionally, join CES on a Road Trip to Pride Manufacturing, meet even more of our Sustainability Team, celebrate recent staff promotions, and as always, catch up on our latest Market Summary!

August Newsletter Summary

The August edition of the CES Insider introduces our new travel series, the CES Road Trip, where our staff visit and showcase some of our clients and projects – or interesting energy sites we find while out on the road! Take a look at where our President & COO, Andy Price, found himself recently on a family trip! We also would like to take this opportunity to welcome a few new members of our staff, as well as highlight the experts who make up our Sustainability Team. Rounding out this month’s newsletter is our weekly Market Summary, and a blog written by one our newest team members, Head of Sustainability Services, Sandy Beauregard, on Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). While you’re at it, review our Staff Picks section to see what Sandy’s been reading! 

July Newsletter Summary

In the very first installment of the CES Insider, CES is thrilled to share with you a number of new exciting ways we will continue to share energy industry news and information, in addition to our weekly Market Summary. Featured in this newsletter is the premiere entry in our blog series, CES Insights, written by Managing Director of Consulting Services, Eben Perkins, as well as an announcement of our recent partnership with Yankee Alliance. The CES Insider will also be used to inform our clients and friends of CES staff updates and projects, as well as provide an inside look at what our experts are reading and watching. Take a look inside!

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