20 Years Of Experience

Locking into a competitive energy procurement contract is a great first step toward cost savings and budget certainty. CES has been at the forefront of energy procurement since the advent of deregulation in 2000, and our unique competitive bid process has been refined over thousands of pricing solicitations. Our process is recognized in the industry to be the best practices approach to achieving the best price in any given market condition.

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  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas - Pipeline, CNG, LNG
  • Liquid Fuels - Propane, Residual Oil, Heating Oil
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), Alternative Energy Credits (AECs) & Carbon Offsets
  • Biomass - Wood Chips, Pellets, Biofuels
Power Lines

Putting Clients First

CES starts every procurement process by getting to know our clients and how they use energy. Usage patterns, fixed and variable costs, hedged and open positions, appetite for risk, and contractual obligations are all factors that play a role in the decision making process. Each of our clients have different goals and logistical requirements, and understanding these unique factors is at the foundation of our approach to procurement strategy.

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Maximizing Competition

CES has established relationships with all of the major energy suppliers active in the North American power market, as well as numerous smaller regional suppliers. We are always 100% supplier neutral, with a focus on maximizing the number of suppliers bidding for our clients. CES also provides feedback to suppliers during the bid process, letting the highest bidding suppliers know that they need to lower their prices if they want to be competitive, and letting the lowest bidding suppliers see that there are other serious competitors.

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Making Educated Decisions

CES is there every step of the bid process, with client-education and market timing as our top priorities. We provide detailed pricing summaries that compare a variety of products and terms to ensure that our clients see how suppliers stack up against one another. We also monitor energy markets daily, evaluating trends and identifying opportunities for the most ideal rates. Our recommendations are based on a thorough understanding and analysis of commodity prices, their relationships to each other, potential changes in these relationships, as well as overall economic pressures. We don’t just help our clients choose the right supplier, we make sure they’re locking into the right contract at the right time.


Beyond Procurement

Although procurement is at the heart of any successful energy strategy, we often find that a combination of services creates synergies that yield our best results. Instead of a series of decision points at the end of each commodity contract, we help our clients develop and follow an energy management strategy that takes into account their bigger picture. With our “full service” approach, we work one-on-one with clients to evaluate overall goals and objectives over time, so that no decision is made based upon a single event or without consideration of the total comprehensive strategy.


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