February 15th, 2012

After $2 Million+ in Savings, City of Manchester Renews Contract with CES

The City of Manchester, New Hampshire has selected Competitive Energy Services, a national energy consulting company, as a contractor to continue helping the City manage its energy costs. After a competitive process, Competitive Energy Services (CES) was chosen from a pool of six companies to provide the City with energy procurement services. This agreement will help control costs for all electricity, natural gas, and liquid fuels services for the City and deliver the significant savings to taxpayers.

This contract extends CES’ work with the City of Manchester.  Since CES began working with the city of Manchester in 2009, the city has saved more than $2 million in energy costs.

“Our energy strategies have saved the City of Manchester millions of dollars over the past few years, and we are hopeful we can continue to save money, which in turn, saves jobs and departments for the City,” said Jon Sorenson, Managing Partner of CES. “During these tough economic times the CES model evaluates the best economic alternatives in energy procurement, analyzing risk versus costs.”

In the deregulated electricity and natural gas markets, the end-user has a choice of who will supply their energy. Through its robust competitive bid process, its advanced knowledge of the complex energy market and its long history with all qualified suppliers, CES will help the City of Manchester make the right purchasing decisions.

“Our relationship with CES has allowed us to continue to make well-informed purchasing decisions and to find significant savings for the taxpayers of Manchester.  ” said Kevin Sheppard, Public Works Director for the City.

CES will manage the energy procurement process for all city buildings, streetlights and facilities, including the Manchester Boston Regional Airport, as well as the City’s Water Treatment Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant.