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June 20th, 2013

CES Summer Seminar Series

by Andrew Price, President & COO

In a previous blog I waxed eloquently about our spring energy seminars. We had three great seminars this spring at UMaine Orono, Dartmouth College and University of Southern Maine. Two additional seminars were rescheduled for logistical reasons and will now take place next week, a few days after the official start of summer. On June 26th we will co-host an energy seminar with Juniper Networks in Westford, Massachusetts. You can find additional information on the seminar at Juniper Networks, and register to attend, by going here. On June 27th we will be presenting at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. You can register and find additional information on the Amherst seminar by going here.

There will be four dynamic speakers at Juniper Networks:

  • Jon Sorenson, President & COO, Competitive Energy Services.  He will discuss energy markets and the factors which affect their volatility, and strategies for navigating this volatile market.
  • Mark Sylvia, Commissioner Massachusetts  Department of Energy Resources (DOER).  Commissioner Sylvia will discuss MA Doer programs and strategies.
  • David Chamberlain, Principal Energy Engineer, Operations Infrastructure, Energy Management, Raytheon Co. Mr. Chamberlain will present the overall structure and approach to Raytheon's energy program.
  • Steven Driver PhD, Energy Demand Manager, Genzyme Global Engineering. Dr. Driver will present a Case Study looking at sustainable commissioning concepts, energy and carbon reduction.

There will be three entertaining speakers - and a tour of the UMass Amherst Co-Generation Plant - in Amherst:

  • Jon Sorenson (Again – but even better this time)
  • Andy Price, Senior Vice President, Competitive Energy Services. He will discuss sustainability options and initiatives in Massachusetts and Southern New England
  • Matt Kearns, Vice President Business Development Northeast, First Wind, will discuss Solar Net Metering, First Wind's entrance into the solar PV market in Massachusetts and the successful collaboration between CES, UMass and First Wind on solar projects for UMass Lowell and UMass Medical. 
  • Jeff Bryan, CHP Manager, UMass Amherst will lead a tour of the Central Heating Plant.

If this impressive slate of speakers is not incentive enough, I am told there will be free food at both events!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to one of the first three seminars. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Amherst and Westford!    

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