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April 30th, 2012

The Public Sector: Good Stewardship of Taxpayer Funds through Energy Strategy

by Jon Sorenson, President and COO

CES does much of its work with the private sector.  Our team helps clients across industries determine the best course for their energy strategy and implement that through strategic consulting, energy procurement, sustainability counseling and a host of other services. Private sector clients bring us a great diversity of projects and allow us to demonstrate our innovative approach as we help these businesses achieve their goals and manage costs.

In the past few months, though, we’ve had a series of exciting announcements here at CES about new work for a series of great public sector clients, including the City of Portland, the State of Maine, the City of Manchester and the University of Massachusetts System.  In each case, we’ll be providing different services that will be tailored to each client’s needs, but they all have in common a public mission and some reliance on taxpayer funds.  We take particular pride in working with these clients because of the important roles they hold for the citizens they serve.

Just like our business clients, public sector institutions keep a close eye on their budgets, and energy costs can be difficult to manage.  These institutions, to varying degrees, rely on taxpayer funds to cover their energy costs.  With the recent recession and budget challenges at all levels of government, this process has become even harder for these public sector institutions.  I have had the privilege of serving on several leadership committees at my alma mater, the University of Maine, and have seen firsthand how officials are struggling to make ends meet and cover the significant costs of energy for their facilities.

What I’ve learned from working with these institutions as an active alumnus, a taxpayer and a consultant is that the officials responsible for energy budgets are, for the most part, innovators who are willing to implement new strategies to reduce their energy costs.  The evidence of this fact – they work with energy consultants like our team here at CES to think strategically and work proactively on ways to reduce and control costs. Rather than leaving their facilities’ operations unchanged and being at the mercy of the market, these places and others are seeking solutions from experts.

Our team gets great satisfaction with helping these public sector clients deliver savings for their funders.  With the new engagements we’ve announced over the past few months, we’ll continue to demonstrate ways that public officials can find savings and relieve some of the energy market’s burden on their budgets.

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